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U. S. Patents BS (Balthaser case)

I just took a glance at the recently acquired Balhaser's patent (which is valid in USA anyway) and it made me laugh. It was filled in 2001 and they've just described normal process of developing and using desktop application with one exception: they've added this expression: "via Internet". I won't comment on this more because I have to fill my own patent form. I want to patent "Methods, systems and processes for the design and creation of emotion-rich applications via Internet". And I don't care about prior act. Any comments? A little flame war?

Update: I've just signed up for free version of Balthaser's "design system". It's just a website editor in Flash. It looks nice but it's closed and I doubt it will get wide acceptance. So I was quite right that they've just brought application development to your browser. They've embedded IDE in Macromedia Flash presentation. And indeed, prior art for their lame patent exists.


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