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Skype, MacOS X, Bluetooth headset. Holy grail?

I always wanted to work at home. To have the safety of being next to my bed and my computer at the same moment. To have the ability of taking a short nap every moment I want. Some of you may think it's hard to maintain discipline. And you're right.

But let's go back to the topic. If you work at home you're obliged to have a rather good Internet connection. Lousy dial-ups won't do any good. 512Kb/s will satisfy almost all of your needs (except downloading these Oracle databases from production servers).

Next thing you'll need is a very comfortable operating system. You have a choice. I use MacOS X myself and find it excellent. You also have to set up all applications you use to work with. Sometimes it's can become tricky easily when you use very advanced and rare tools which are impossible to install on a typical home workstation but in most cases there is a solution.

Then you will need some way to cooperate with your boss and co-workers. I would recommend here some of tools made by 37signals. Personally Basecamp and recently created Campfire are my favorites.

Last thing you need is some voice instant messaging. Skype is the most popular one, but there's one catch. Windows versions are far more stable than MacOS X, and Linux versions. I used all of them. Linux and MacOS X versions are far behind considering functionality. I don't blame Skype programmers. They're have a business to run and Microsoft Windows users are the vast majority. To make Skype work you need some headset of course. I personally use Bluetooth headset from Logitech, but sometimes it drives me crazy. This is common to all wireless devices I know. Batteries will run out of energy only when you're speaking with your boss about the recent crash of your program or whatever you do to pay your bills. They also tend to loose connection without reason. Murphy's Laws at their glory.

These would be all you need.

I work in office mostly and at home partially, mostly Saturdays and when it rains too heavily. I think I am more productive working this way. Changing work conditions helps me to come with good and innovative ideas more often. And if I have worse day I can sleep longer and do my assignments later but more enjoyable.

If you don't agree drop some comment, they're always read and answered.


At 5:47 PM CET, Anonymous railgun master said...

to work at home you need to have strong personality, and ability to give yourself orders and execute objectives without event thinking anything. Everyone of us have these strange days when we say things like "neeah, im gonna do it tommorow." or we are just too sleepy during the day.
Work at home isolates you from outside world perectly. I've been practicing this idea for about 6 months and belive me its awfully unhealthy. in the meedle of week i felt so depresd i lost all my mood and motivation. i became aggresive and non-communicative not saying about my lack of movement. and all because these 4 deamn walls arround me. chemical weeks with my dudes were everythin on my mind for most of my time. after first 4-7 weeks i noticed sth standing in front of my mirror. gues what. :), -fat :/.
I found myself developing as soon as i got new job. now im taking everyday journey to the city next to mine and everything works ideally.
As everybody knows the best motivator is: 1. money 2. whip.



simply - talking with people,

probability of meeting hot n' horny
pussy during the way back home or in the office next to yours.

sparkle in bos's eye as soon as your objectives are accomplished - priceless, motivating ect.

its good for a short period of time N3cr0.

Does anyone have tissue-paper? f*, i cant quit smokin' this shit.

At 6:10 PM CET, Blogger Jacek Becela said...

You're right, working at home full-time is like being imprisoned. 4 walls, no people, no pussies, no life. Depressive illness guaranteed.

But combining normal, office-like work with work at home makes the difference. Almost everyday when I go to work I spend approximately 1,5h on train one way only. And I never consider this time lost. Mainly because of pussies :)

At 8:16 AM CET, Anonymous szewczyk said...

Monday, 8:06 AM. Coffee, twirls and Internet - my morning@work.

Coffee is free, twirls are freesh, and Internet is very fast.

And only one thing: pussiesless ;)


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