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Thursday Trix meetings

Last thurstay we've initiated our weekly company meetings. We discuss all aspects of our work, present our brilliant ideas and drink famous polish beer. Everyone is invited. Feel free to come. Cafe Rene, Pszczyna, Poland.


At 2:18 PM CET, Anonymous Anonimowy said...

do you remember TRIX - polish game for 8-bit atari? that was a clone of tetris - mother of all boredom-in-office killing games. any analogy for present Trix? ;)

check this out:


At 2:44 PM CET, Blogger Jacek Becela said...

No remembrance of Trix game. However we thought we're somehow original with name Trix, at least in Poland. As you can see we're not. I come from opposite camp of Commodore and Amiga users, and it implies I couldn't play this Atari game. Old times...

But now, I'm going to install some emu on PSP and try it.

And about analogy: we definitely are killing boredom-in-office by posting here some nifty notes and making you read them in your office time :)

At 11:11 PM CET, Anonymous Tomasz Mazur said...

Cafe Rene serves best beer in Town - Okocim. It kicks ass!!!

We must be careful ;>


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