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Structured Blogging, Web2.0 essence

Some time ago I've read an article. It was full of terms such as semantic web, intelligent content and other buzzwords. I have to admit I've not understood a word. It was so blurry then. I don't really remember when it was - one or two years ago? Sounds probably. One thing I remember is this (famous now) Web2.0.

Today, after 2 hours of brainstorming with one of my friends (a very good marketer) we've begun to ask ourselves what is the essence of Web2.0 and how Web2.0 looks or will look like.

We are in the middle of making a list of features for our new product (hopefully killer app). Last months we've been moving around the concepts of Ajax and have used the term Ajax interchangeably with Web2.0.

We were missing the point.

Web2.0 is not about Ajax. It's about those buzzwords I stumbled upon last year ago. Semantic web is by far the more important one. Semantic stands for meaning. You may think: but the meaning is already here, in every sentence on the Web. It's true. But for machines it's not. They don't understand the meaning of sentences written in natural human readable form. They need something else. Hints. Decorating the content of the Web1.0 with hints for computers makes Web2.0 come true. Structured Blogging is the first place where you can read more on this topic and be finally enlightened. It's a good word considering the impact Web2.0 will have on Internet.

My prediction is simple: Revolution comes. Don't sleep through this opportunity to make the world better (and get rich).

Any comments? Ideas on how to ehm.. get rich "using this tools and techniques"? (David Deangelo's beloved question)


At 7:39 AM CET, Anonymous szewczyk said...

In 1996 or 1997 I wrote a essay about computer which is download some personalized information from net, compose and print it in favourite format of newspaper. Then computer prepare some coffee and gently wake me up with sweet music.

This is a Web2.0 implementation?


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