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Extracting the essence

Recently I've been overwhelmed (Have you too?) by Web2.0 stuff. Clearly, I needed some time to aggregate and filter all the information on this exciting topic. So this post is my try to extract and enumerate the most important characteristics (at least for me) of the before mentioned topic and how to exploit them in a business way. (read: how to make money with Web2.0).

Because the difference between "taxonomy" and "folksonomy", the very important thing was achieved: ease of building logical and searchable structure of user-contributed content. When you compare, let's say the biggest catalogue of Web1.0 (especially the way it's built) and possibilities of simple tagging ( from the point of view of average user, you will admit it's the brilliant way to exploit social nature of human.

Nowadays, everyone and everything is going mobile, we want to use everything on the go. Personally, I read e-books on my way to work and back, take pictures and immediately send them to my flickr account, play games, call friends and co-workers, and so on. I try to use every moment spent alone to do something (even if it's having fun or resting actively). Before you ask, I am not some freaky geek without social life. I just don't like wasting my time. I took myself as an example of this trend which escalates among youth even faster. Implementing Web2.0 principles in mobile world we can further exploit all this "social thing". Possibilities here are enormous. I bet you can come with some bright ideas quickly (don't hesitate to comment on them).

Today I've read article describing research on strength of Internet ties and the way Internet users socialize comparing to ones who don't use The Network at all. The results can be condensated into this sentence: "People who use Internet are far more social beings". They mention previous research results which imply something opposite, but are much older and I think just not fresh and thus irrelevant.

The whole Web2.0 thing is about delivering easier, more useful ways to enrich our social lives by creating the infinite flow of information, knowledge, content, interaction etc. interconnected with links. And content is still the king. Links are the base of The World Wide Web. Everyone (even my father) knows what link is. The Web2.0 is still about links. Links are still base of The Web.

I think I'll need at least one more try to come with more clearer extract of business and social aspects of Web2.0 movement. This is for now. Comments are appreciated.


At 2:39 PM CET, Anonymous Ijon said...

Greetings from Partynia - the place where Web2.0 says 'good night' ;)

At 3:14 PM CET, Anonymous Marek Rydzy, Benq Mobile said...

Greetings from bleeding edge of mobile technology

At 4:56 PM CET, Anonymous Marian said...

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At 6:51 PM CET, Anonymous docentos said...

Greeting from place where PRiME is everything what we need in our lifes ;)

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