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Home sweet home

After approx. 13h of work today, I am finally home. 13h of pure adrenaline fighting with so called database. You guess, I will only tell that it sometimes let you have the same value in unique column twice. I have witnesses.

In few weeks this nightmare will come to an end. Let's hope to the happy end. And how this imaginary happy end looks like?

  1. TCO is much lower than now.
  2. Maintenance is easier.
  3. Stability of rock.
  4. No licensing issues.
  5. No more 13h days at work.
I don't want more. This would be enough. After the switch we finally will be free from expensive licensing although I don't consider this main reason this migration. I've just lost too many evenings like this one using this piece of software. It can be good, but not for our purposes. Our needs developed greatly and we have to move on. We will never miss you. Ever.

au revoir,
so long,
see you later,
see you,
bon voyage,

Microsoft Access!!!


At 9:45 PM CET, Anonymous Anonimowy said...

M$ Access as the system database? Congratulations and no comments... ;-)


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