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Accidental ethernet cable disconnection testing

Today we are testing update for our major software product. As always on saturdays, I'm at home skyping with boss. He's in Germany. We want to see how our application behaves when someone accidentally pulls the ethernet plug out. So, here's what I hear in my uber-cool bt headset:

- Jacek, I'm going to pull the plug now.
- Yo, boss, are you there??? Helllloooooo!!!

After five clicks he's skyping me again:
- Jacek, I've lost Internet connection. Everything worked perfectly.

Can you imagine? By pulling the plug out of the ethernet card you actually lose Internet connection. That's great. Now, the question. How can you make money using this "technique"?


At 12:50 AM CET, Anonymous wiecia said...

Use it for building "selective data device" - plug the cable in only for needed packets.
But first of all - "always charge the client extra for any non standard technique!"


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