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Airport successfully installed. Two screws left unused.

Yesterday, after long day at work I finally came home, ate dinner and unpacked mysterious package received that day. It was earlier ordered AirPort for iMac mini. The wrapping was tight, everything looked ok.
I took my two special iPutty knives and opened iMac. When looking inside I was wandering which screws should I remove to get to the motherboard. Of course I could google for some videocasts and tutorials on this topic, but my only computer at home was already dismembered. And besides who needs to RTFM? Last but not least I found three critical screws and after few seconds the motherboard was mine. On these iMac mini photos you can see the finesse the motherboard was built with. Next, I removed the daughterboard with Bluetooth module, and installed AirPort module on it. Notice, now I got two daughterboards. One came with AirPort and the other was installed because of Bluetooth module. Someone wants to buy the spare daughterboard? Let me know. The most interesting and funny thing is Apple uses sticky tape inside their computers widely. The AirPort chipset is taped to daughterboard, almost all cables are taped . I think it's ok, but somehow it doesn't fit to the trendy and sophisticated Apple design. Ok, back to AirPort. After reassembling iMac, I had no blood on hands but two screws left. And you know what? iMac works without them. So, besides I've upgraded this piece of hardware I've also improved the mobility by lowering overall weight.
After those interesting moments with screwdriver I came with this conclusion: You can always remove some parts and a device will still be working fine. And you can use these parts to assemble some new revolutionary hardware. Any questions?


At 2:36 PM CET, Anonymous kasze said...

And now what about shock resistance? Tests passed?

At 3:20 PM CET, Blogger Jacek Becela said...

Will do. After adding some donate-my-research-payapal-button here :)


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