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Big Money research

A lot of people on SEO and e-marketing forums are not sure if AdSense "fraudsters" are really so successful as all the buzz implies. So we've come with a little experiment. We set up two AdSense accounts and on one of them we act ehical and obey all the rules. On the second one we're not so saint. The experiment is about who will make more money in short and long term. We are of course conscious about breaking some rules (and laws!) on that second account and we know it can be blocked any minute. Of course we won't hire any Africans to click on our ads for 5c per hour. We will use some more advanced fraud techniques. After publishing results of this experiment we will donate all the money from the second not-so-saint account to some open-source project. Any suggestions are welcomed.


At 11:14 AM CET, Anonymous mattu said...

ladne. zakrawa troche na 'elitist' :> ale to tez pozytyw. brakuje 'd' w ostatnim wyrazie posta.


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