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Go 2.0

Almost every single aspect of The Web is going through two-dot-o hype. Now, with launch of we are going to "two-dot-o-ize" our cellphones with ,, all mashuped (mashed up?) in a friendly and usable manner. If you know any other services interesting and innovative like mobileglu, let me know. As authors stated on their site, they've worked one week to deliver first version of this application. Impressive.

Notice, all applications they've combined in this mashup are branded with "Yahoo company" mark. The first thing I thought spotting this was: "War 2.0 is coming". I immediately googled after this term, but nothing emerged. It seems like there's no such thing (as the well-known rule says), fortunately. The only thing I stumbled upon was an article on "Cold War 2.0" which somehow made me happy about the fact I live in Poland and our government is still far behind these ideas of gaining more control over us by trying to control Internet.

Generally it looks like Yahoo wants to get back to the shape they used to have and compete with Google. It's getting interesting when you add Microsoft IE7 to the mix, which is (from what I heard and read) pretty lame and just try to follow Firefox.

Any predictions on how popular and profitable will mobile2.0 be?


At 8:33 AM CET, Anonymous Anonimowy said...

Yesterday evening I've followed small Ruby tutorial (Thanks Jacek for posting a link!).
With this small overview now I really know how these goodies can taste!

So, I now believe that with strong experience in RoR Programing it's possible to implement small to middle size projects within a week. Yeah, pretty impressive.

Jacek, my little suggestion:
categorize blog posts :)
I'm going to be more active on your blog :)


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